Bolivia is a country of endless cultural and natural attractions. From the cool, crisp air of the altiplano to the hot, humid atmosphere of the Amazon basin, there exist climates to represent all four seasons simultaneously throughout the entire year. Tiny, deserted villages, bustling metropolises, ancient indigenous communities, the list goes on and on. Above all though, Bolivia is home to some of the most varied mountain ranges in the world – the Cordilleras Real, Apolobamba and Occidental – with trekking, climbing and ice climbing to appeal to all levels of interest and expertise.

Since 2004, Bolivian Mountains has been exploring these largely unvisited gems with our clients. From the more common summits of Huayna Potosi and Pequeno Alpamayo, to a number of first ascents in the more remote Apolobamba range, we can say with confidence that no two days are ever the same here in Bolivia!

Of course, the activities on offer, and the unpredictability of this part of the world requires careful planning and well established back up support. We’re proud to say that Bolivian Mountains has one of the most extensive and experienced support networks in the country for climbing, mountaineering and trekking. Clients travelling with Bolivian Mountains benefit from the following organisational structures:

  • Bolivian Mountains is a partnership of experienced and qualified mountaineers, a strong operations base in La Paz and international (UK) representation, providing an excellent balance of local knowledge and clear understanding of the expectations international travellers.
  • As well as being an established business in Bolivia, we also exist as a registered company in the UK. This requires us to comply with EU Tour Operator regulations, providing a level of financial protection that few (if any) other local operators can supply.
  • Our local team in the mountains is second to none. In a country where established rescue and evacuation services are almost non exsitent, we ensure that our team is equipped and prepared to deal with any situation which may present itself. The mountains in Bolivia are certainly a place where local contacts are essential to get things done, and we are pleased to have this support network in place throughout the ranges.
  • Mountain guides are all local Bolivian experts, with unparalleled knowledge of the mountains and valleys we explore. All have extensive local training and qualifications for high altitude mountaineering, with our leading guides fully UIAGM certified.
  • Our operations base in La Paz is on call 24/7 throughout the season, with first class equipment and a dedicated team ensuring the behind the scenes preparation is flawless.

The company was founded back in 2004 when, after repeatedly returning to Bolivia to explore since 1997, British traveller Jonathan Cassidy formalised a partnership with this local team, and they have not looked back since.

As well as experiencing the magnificent landscapes Bolivia has to offer, we are equally proud to show off the culture, gastronomy and unique people of Bolivia during your time with us. It may be your first visit to this country, but from experience it is unlikely to be your last – we look forward to welcoming you!