Lake Titicaca

The sacred lake of the Andes, the mythical origin of the Inca civilisation, the highest navigable lake in the world, the third largest lake in the Americas, Lake Titicaca has a number of reasons to visit it. It is also one of the areas of the Andes where pre-hispanic practices and traditions are best maintained. This tour is a fascinating insight into present-day Andean lifestyles.

2 days
Price per person (USD)
Groups of 2 $190
Groups of 3 $175
Groups of 4 $150
Groups of 5+ $130
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  • Depart La Paz for Copacabana. En route we will stop in the town of Hautajata to visit the museum of totora reed boats run by Paulino Esteban, expert in the construction of the boats.
  • Lunch in the hotel in Copacabana
  • The afternoon is spent visiting Copacabana, its beautiful church which is host to the “challa” ceremonies, and the Calvario hill, an pre-hispanic pilgrimage destination. Night in Copacabana.


  • Transfer to Yampupata where we board a small boat towards the Isla del Sol.
  • A walk across the island (approx 3 ½ hrs) to visit the several ruins, Inca terraces and the “fountain of life” in Yumani. Lunch on the Island.
  • Return to the mainland by boat and onward return to La Paz


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