The Tiwanaku empire ruled around about 1000 AD and, it is believed, was the foundation of the Inca civilisation which followed it. This tour through some of the more impressive fortifications and religious sites from that age gives a fascinating insight into pre-hispanic Andean cultures and traditions.

1 day
Price per person (USD)
Groups of 2 $80
Groups of 3 $75
Groups of 4 $65
Groups of 5+ $50
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Depart from La Paz in private vehicle

First stop in the district of Laja (where the city of La Paz was originally founded) to visit its 17th Century church

Drive across the altiplano (enjoying unspoilt views of the cordillera real mountain range, including the peaks of Huayna Potosi and Ilampu) to the religious site of Tiwanaku.

Guided tour around the site itself.

Return journey, via the Suka Kollus (pre-hispanic cultivation sites) approx. 10km from Tiwanaku. Time allowing, we will also visit the Valley of the Moon, found in the south of La Paz.

Return to hotel.


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